Our holiday clubs and workshops can range from Musical Theatre Shows to Kids Films to Adventure retreats.

A typical one/two day workshop would include:

- A welcome and games introduction to get to know each other

- Two active sessions involving dance, movement and song

- One crafts sessions with things to take home with them

- An end session all together where they take part in physical activities and games

- A snack and lunch break

- A goodie bag to take home 

If the children were taking part in a week long project, as well as the above activities they would:

- Work towards a play, learning dance and song 

- All have a character to embody and lines to learn (if they'd like to)

- Costumes performance on the last day in a theatre environment to perform to an audience


We try our best to include as much variety as we can during our workshops: singing, dancing, gym, acting, music, crafts, games, outdoor activities etc. This keeps them active and engaged, and most of all, having lots of fun!


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