Sing Dance Create

Sing Dance Create sessions are theatre-based sessions where the children work on a devised play that they perform at the end of term.

Our Sing Dance Create programme offers a range of skills from: dance and movement education, singing exercises and song learning, character and acting work and memory. It's a full package! This sort of work pushes children to work on their weaknesses, grow in confidence and build self-esteem. We feel it is the best and easiest way to enhance these skills whilst your child doesn't even realise they are 'learning'.

Within these sessions the children will learn: the importance of warming up their bodies and vocals for physical performance, musical skills, drama skills, dance and movement skills, mobility and rhythm, to work as part of a team, professionalism when it comes to performance and working hard to earn rewards.


This is all done through the art of dance, song and drama and is practiced in an exciting environment using our lovely mascots: Monty and Milly Monkey.

Lyppard Hub

Monkeys in Motion Club Membership

Friday afternoons

Ages 4-11


*Club membership

1 X 45 minute class a week is £21.00 a month

1 x 60 minute class a week is £23.00 a month

Membership increases based on number of classes per week and with siblings attending.

We run 48 weeks of the year.

See below document for exact dates for Year 2020.

Dates of Classes 2020

Show Dates & Venues 2020

Malvern Theatres

Termly sign up

Tuesday afternoons

Ages 5-7


£4.50 per session booked on a termly basis

*Term time only.



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