We believe in the power of partnership so we have created a team of Trusted Partners to ensure that whatever you need, you are always with the best in the trade. Our Founder Sophie-Jo Lusted has personal experience with each one of our Trusted Partners and is very excited to share their expertise with you. 

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Laura Butcher

Founder of Soul Sanctuary Studios

Laura, originally from Surrey, brought yoga to Worcester 4 years ago and now how has two Worcester yoga studios, with over 30 classes every week. The schedule includes absolute beginners classes, all the way up to 2-hour power yoga classes, and everything in between! Laura is passionate about making yoga accessible to EVERYONE so there is a style of class suitable for anyone, and she has a studio in the city centre (above Wayland's Yard, 6 Foregate Street) and out of town in the country (Spetchley Park Gardens). 


Soul Sanctuary studios are all about empowerment, bulding community, bringing people together, having fun, and feeling better, both physically and mentally! The focus is on your mind, its not at all about what you look like in a pose, it’s all about how you feel. Soul Sanctuary classes teach you how to notice your thought patterns on the mat (perhaps feeling self-concisous / self critical / perfectionism etc) and realising how these same thought process may be holding you back off the mat! Through yoga poses, Soul Sanctuary classes teach you how to step out of your own way to be whoever you want to be! A healthy body is a bi-proudct of a healthy mind!


If you would like to try Soul Sanctuary classes, they have a £14 for 14 days UNLIMITED yoga pass, AND if you use the secret code: SSMIM at point of check out you will get 10% of everything! Just download the Soul Sanctuary app and book in :)

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You will receive 10% off any class, workshop or sign up membership with Soul Sanctuary if you are a member of Monkeys in Motion