Membership Classes

Our Weekly Classes
In our lesson plans we provide a number of different exercises and activities whilst taking the children on an imaginative journey. Whether they're in a younger group or an older group, they are always challenged according to their ability. We heavily rely on resources for all of our sessions as we believe children respond much better to learning through play. We deliver short exercises for the children that use props, music, learning cards & music, to help them expand their knowledge and explore avenues of their mind they possibly wouldn't with a verbal instruction.

Our Club Membership

1 x 45 minute class a week is £21.00 a month
1 x 60 minute class a week is £23.00 a month

Upon joining, your child will receive their free welcome pack including: a monkeys in motion drawstring rucksack, a MIM badge, club member wristband and a sticker achievement chart.

Notice of one month must be given when moving on.

The payment is taken on the 1st of each month unless you've requested a different date.